Patient & Family Advisory Council

Our Patient and Family Advisors work in partnership with The Bellevue Hospital (TBH) to create a patient-centered care environment. Advisors provide invaluable input on practices and policies affecting the services our patients receive. 

TBH Patient and Family Advisors lend their thoughts, ideas and perspectives by participating in routine Patient and Family Advisory Council meetings. The Advisory Council promotes a collaborative relationship between patients, family and healthcare team members to help improve the safety and quality of healthcare experienced at TBH.

TBH is currenly looking for new Patient and Family Advisory Council members. Join us, and help us continue to provide exceptional patient, and family-centered care.

CLICK HERE to download our Patient and Family Advisory Council brochure. 

CLICK HERE to fill out our online application. 

A hospital staff member will call you after you application is received. Prospective candidates will be interviewed by current council members. 

Contact Information

If you have any questions, please dial 419.483.4040, and the following extension:

Patient and Family Advisory Council           Ext. 4205