Community Health Needs Assessments



The Bellevue Hospital is proud to be a member of Sandusky County Health Partners which began in 1993.

The Sandusky County Health Partners’ collaborative efforts completed community health assessments in 2001, in 2005, youth in 2007, birth to 75 years of age in 2009-10, youth again in 2011, in 2013, and again in 2016/2017.


Sandusky County Community Health Assessment 


The goal of the Sandusky County Health Partners is to have a community that focuses on wellness, improving the population's general health status, increasing the access to services and addressing unmet needs. Through the assessment process of primary research, data analysis, validation and prioritization, key themes of need were identified.

This year, The Bellevue Hospital has joined with over thirty organizations, individuals and groups to begin working on a Community Health Improvement Plan based in part on the information obtained through these valuable surveys completed in our Community Health Assessments in our ongoing effort for healthier communities. The Community Health Improvement Plan will be completed later this year. 

The Bellevue Hospital, after participating in the community efforts, will develop a hospital-based implementation plan similar to the implementation planned created in 2013.  To review The Bellevue Hospital’s 2013 Health Needs Assessment and Implementation Strategy Report please click the link below.


The Bellevue Hospital Health Needs Assessment and Implementation Strategy Report


The Bellevue Hospital will release a 2016/2017 Health Needs Assessment and Implementation Strategy Report soon. 

The latest Community Health Assessments for Erie, Huron and Seneca counties may be found below. 


Erie County Community Health Assessment


Huron County Community Health Assessment


Seneca County Community Health Assessment


To find most of the Community Health Assessments for Northwest Ohio, go to:


Hospital Council of Northwest Ohio