Community Health Needs Assessments

The Bellevue Hospital is proud to be a member of Sandusky County Health Partners, which began in 1993. The goal of the Sandusky County Health Partners is to have a community that focuses on wellness, improving the population's general health status, increasing the access to services and addressing unmet needs. Through the assessment process of primary research, data analysis, validation and prioritization, key themes of need are identified. These assessments are completed every three years in our ongoing effort for healthier communities. 

The Sandusky County Health Partners met  to review the 2019/2020 Community Health Assessment and develop the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP).  The first meeting was held in January 2021 and three priorities of focus were chosen:  Mental Health and Addiction; Chronic disease, i.e. obesity; and Infant Mortality.  These are the three (3) priorities from the previous CHIP. The final Sandusky County CHIP report was officially released on April 26, 2021.


To read the Sandusky County CHIP report, visit:

Sandusky County 2021-2023 CHIP


To read the Sandusky County Community Health Assessment, visit:

Sandusky County 2019/2020 Community Health Assessment


To read The Bellevue Hospital's Health Needs Implementation Strategy Report for 2021 - 2023, visit:

The Bellevue Hospital Health Needs Implementation Strategy Report

Previous Community Health Improvement Plans


Sandusky County 2017 - 2020 CHIP


The Bellevue Hospital Health Needs Assessment and Implementation Strategy Report 2017


The latest Community Health Assessments for Erie, Huron and Seneca counties may be found below. 


Erie County Community Health Assessment


Huron County Community Health Assessment


Seneca County Community Health Assessment


To find most of the Community Health Assessments for Northwest Ohio, go to:


Hospital Council of Northwest Ohio