Community Benefit

The Bellevue Hospital provided over $600,000 in uncompensated and charity care in 2021. 

The Bellevue Hospital has been providing Quality Care, Close to Home since we first opened our doors in 1917. The benefit of our hospital is measured not only in the health and wellness of individuals touched by our excellent patient care, but also in community services and activities offered through disease prevention, health promotion and education. Together we continue to work toward improving our community's health status.

We also provide jobs and support our local schools and businesses by the taxes we pay and the products we buy from area businesses. We are always here to help those without insurance or a means to pay for needed care. Listed below is a brief summary of the benefits we provided in 2021. Community benefits include uncovered costs of medical education, charity care, donations, community health education and outreach programs, and subsidized health services. 


Community Investments in 2021  
Wages & Benefits $19,904,475
City Income Tax (Bellevue) $381,432
City Income Tax (Clyde) $8,815
Area School Taxes $111,158
Capital Investments $2,048,578
Dollars Spent Locally $3,048,268
Cash, In-Kind Donations & Sponsorships $67,355
Volunteer Hours 6,737


Health Services in 2021  
Admissions 1,335
Births 358
Emergency Room Visits 13,965
Surgical Procedures 3,002
Imaging Procedures 35,307
Rehabilitation Procedures 8,852
Occupational Health Visits 4,865
Outpatient Visits 75,804