Patient Safety

Hospital Procedures and Your Safety-“We Care about you.” 

As a healthcare facility, we are committed to health promotion, disease prevention and wellness.  It is our goal to protect and provide you, your guests and our staff with a healthy and safe environment. 

We believe that each patient has the right to receive quality care based on individual needs and age.  Patients and their families are involved in establishing priorities for the care that best meet the patient needs. 

The Bellevue Hospital has an active safety program and the Hospital’s personnel want to prevent accidents. Remember, your safety is one of our major concerns.  You can help by following the rules: 


Alarms and Announcements

Please do not be concerned if you hear an announcement of a fire drill or other “Code” announcements.  Frequent drills are held as safety refreshers and involve only Hospital personnel – not patients.  If a “Code” is not a drill, staff members will direct you to safety.


Electrical Equipment

Electrical appliances such as hair dryers, razors, radios, MP3 players, and computers, etc., must meet safety requirements for use in the hospital.  If you bring such equipment, you will also need to bring in information labels from listing laboratories.  All portable appliances must be tested by hospital personnel. Please contact your nurse to schedule testing.


Infection Control

Infection Control in a healthcare facility means preventing the spread of illness or disease.  Our Infection Control program includes many preventive and control procedures key to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all patients, visitors, healthcare workers and staff.

The single most important infection control measure is HAND WASHING.  Cleanliness is the key to infection control.  When washing hands, use soap, warm water, scrub for 15 seconds, and dry hands well.  All patients, visitors, and healthcare workers should adhere to these basic practices essential for preventing the spread of germs.

Please feel free to ask you health care provider about their hand washing practices.



Your diet, prescribed by your physician, is an important part of your therapy while you are in the  hospital.

Every effort is made to provide you with attractive and tasteful foods to meet your medical, religious and cultural needs.

Room Service is available for you anytime between 7:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. 

Some special diets do not allow as great of variety of choices as a regular diet.  If you have questions or special concerns regarding your diet, ask your nurse to contact the dietician, who will discuss your diet with you.

Do NOT have food brought into the hospital unless you have permission from your nurse.  It may be necessary to delay your meals if you are having special tests.  When the tests are completed, just call Room Service

To purchase a guest tray, ask your nurse.


Nurse call system

Each bed has a nurse-call system ringing directly to the Nurse’s Station. You will receive instructions on using the call buttons upon your admission.


Tobacco Free

The Bellevue Hospital joins fellow Northwest Ohio hospitals in providing a tobacco-free environment. Tobacco use of any kind is prohibited - both inside and out - by employees, patients and visitors.


Your Care Team 

The Care Team is also available for you throughout your stay. 

Your Care Team can be called at any time there is a concern about a patient’s condition.  An Intensive Care registered nurse and a Respiratory Therapist will be part of your Team.

Anyone – patient, family member, visitor, or hospital staff may call the Care Team by dialing 419.483.4040, Extension 7225.

As your healthcare partners, the Care Team will immediately respond to your call and assist the patient’s nurse to address your concerns.


Call the Care Team together if you have any of the following concerns:

  • The patient seems to be getting “much sicker” quicker.
  • Something does not look right.
  • Something does not feel right.
  • You notice a change in/or difficulty breathing.
  • The patient’s heart rate changes.
  • There is much more – much less – urine.
  • The patient is suddenly confused or agitated, and does not recognize family and friends, or does not know where they are.
  • There is a drop in blood pressure.

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Your Personal Safety is Important to Us

We work to keep you safe in a clean and healthy environment. 

  • As a patient in The Bellevue Hospital, you will notice we ask you for two "Patient Identifiers" (i.e.- Name, Birth date) frequently.  This is a safety measure to assure you receive the right medication, treatment and service.
  • Please do not get in and out of bed by yourself unless you have been instructed to do so.  Do not hesitate to ask your nurse for assistance at any time. If oxygen or other equipment is in use, please ask for help getting in and out of bed.
  • Wear slip-resistant footwear. Be observant of “Wet Floor” signs and walk with caution.
  • Side rails on your bed assist you in turning and protect you from falls.  Your nurse will use side rails when they are necessary for your safety.  Ask for assistance whenever side rails are in use.
  • Please do not attempt to get in or out of a wheelchair by yourself unless you have been instructed how to do so safely.
  • Notify your nurse before you leave your room or department.
  • A call button is also located in your bathroom if you need assistance.
  • If there is a spill, clutter or equipment in your path, call your nurse so we may remove it.
  • Do not attempt to use any equipment, unless we have instructed you on how to use it.