Our Purpose and Values

Our Purpose

"The Bellevue Hospital is a community centerpiece, bringing stability and an unwavering commitment to serve others.

We serve the community through meaningful relationships, state-of-the-art facilities, strong affiliations and well trained, dedicated employees." 


  • Save lives and enrich the livelihood of residents in our four-county service area
  • Keep people safe and well
  • Provide personalized and local healthcare 24/7
  • Are a source of community pride and economic impact
  • Cultivate relationships that enhance our community and The Bellevue Hospital  

Our Value Statement

"Every day presents an opportunity to serve and to improve ourselves as an organization, as professionals, and as people. We consistently operate with integrity, respect and compassion."

Our Values

The Bellevue Hospital CARES

  • Communication: We strive to use the right communication method with clearly defined outcomes
  • Accountability: We share responsibility and are accountable to one another, our patients, our communities and the organization
  • Relationships: We invest in long-term meaningful relationships with our patients, physicians, partner and the communities we serve
  • Empathy: We are curious and have a desire to know and understand the feelings and needs of others
  • Safety & Quality: We have a zero defects mindset and are committed to a safe and secure culture