Pre-Admission Testing

The Pre-Admission Testing (P.A.T.) department performs a broad range of pre-operative procedures, including lab work, x-rays and EKG.

During the P.A.T. visit, nurses interview patients, gaining information about allergies and previous surgeries, informing patients of what to expect during surgery and recovery, and instructing them on how to prepare themselves for the upcoming surgical procedure.

Patients should schedule their testing 10-14 days prior to surgery for The Bellevue Hospital.

Although most P.A.T. patients will be returning to Bellevue for the surgery, anyone who is having surgery or other procedures out of town may also have pre-operative tests done at The Bellevue Hospital through Centralized Scheduling.

Getting Ready for Your Surgery

You and your doctor have decided that you are going to have a surgical procedure.  Your next step is to schedule a visit to the Pre-Admission Testing (P.A.T.) Department. 

At The Bellevue Hospital, our Pre-Admission Testing (P.A.T.) Department is here to provide you with a medical information and history workup, laboratory testing and education about your surgery or admission.  Most of the testing takes about an hour, depending on the tests required, and can be done days and sometimes weeks before your surgery date.  

Listed below are some commonly asked questions our patients have had regarding their P.A.T. visit: 

How do I make a Pre-Admission Testing (P.A.T.) appointment?
Many times your doctor's office will schedule your P.A.T. appointment when they schedule your surgery date.  All of The Bellevue Hospital’s patients are required to visit P.A.T. before having surgery.  If you have not received a P.A.T. appointment time from your doctor's office please call Pre-Admission Testing to come see us. 


What should I bring to my P.A.T. visit?
Your time spent with the P.A.T. department before your surgery is meant to document all of your necessary medical information & history.   

Please bring a list of the following items:

  • Your current medications including their strengths and dosages.
  • Your past surgeries.
  • Current medical problems.
  • Any questions you may have about your procedure.

If you have had medical tests done at other facilities, please bring the reports with you, or a location of where they were done so we may obtain a copy.

Also, bring any forms if you were asked to bring with you.

Your insurance information, Medicare or Medicaid card if you have one and a photo ID.

A copy of your living will or advance directive.  It is important that you and your physician review your living will or advance directive.  If you need assistance completing these forms, please let us know and our social services department will assist you.  The paper work will be placed in your medical record.


What tests will I have done during my P.A.T. visit?
Your testing will depend on the type of procedure you are having done and what your doctor orders.  Some of the tests may include the following: 

  • Laboratory for some blood work
  • EKG (heart tracing)
  • Chest x-ray
  • Physical Therapy evaluation
  • Social Services meeting
  • And, a nurse from the P.A.T. department will do a thorough medical history with you as well.


How long will I be there?
Depending on the type of procedure and testing you doctor orders, you can expect to spend 1-2 hours with us. 

If the visit is for a child, we take extra care and time with them.  We give children a tour of our hospital.  During this tour, we will introduce them to a number of nurses and hospital staff they will see on their surgery day.  We will also show them the departments they will visit during their stay with us.   

The tour is not mandatory; however, we encourage the visit so children are not as overwhelmed or anxious with their surroundings on the day of their surgery. 


Where do I go for my visit?
Simply check in at the front desk for your scheduled visit.  The receptionist will escort you to the P.A.T. department. 


Can I get my pre-admission testing done at The Bellevue Hospital if my procedure is at another facility?
Yes.  All tests may be scheduled through Centralized Scheduling. 


Contact Information
For more information or to schedule an appointment please dial 419.483.4040 and the following extension. 

Pre-Admission Testing Department Ext. 4305