Industrial Services

The Bellevue Hospital's rehabilitation team can complete a variety of work-related services that can reduce costs, improve productivity, minimize injuries and improve the health and safety of a company's work force.  


The Bellevue Hospital provides a variety of industrial services including:

  • Functional Capacity Evaluations: Determine an individual's functional abilities and their ability to return to work, recommend restrictions or help determine permanent disability. 
  • Post-Offer Screenings: Establish a program that can determine if new hires are able to meet the physical requirements of the job and reduce the likelihood of an injury.
  • Transitional Work Programs: Establish a program that can allow injured workers to return to their regular-duty jobs faster and decrease lost work time.
  • Job Site Analysis: Evaluate a job to determine the essential job functions and determine if there are any reasonable accommodations that can be made to a job site.  This can be also used to creates a detailed job description. 
  • Ergonomics / Body Mechanics: Worksite analysis to ensure that the design of the work station allows for the greatest safety, productivity and efficiency. 
  • Post Injury Management: Comprehensive therapy services for any injury or illness that would require rehabilitation.  Utilizes a wide variety of treatments and modalities to return the injured worker to regular duty as soon as safely possible.