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The Bellevue Hospital's Substance Use Disorder Task Force

Due to the impact Substance Use Disorder has on our community and the effect it has on our loved ones, The Bellevue Hospital has formed a Substance Use Disorder Task Force.  This group is looking at new ideas to reach out to our community and make a positive impact.  Some of the services The Bellevue Hospital's Substance Use Disorder Task Force offers are mentioned below.    


Blessing Bags

The Bellevue Hospital serves as a donation drop-off location and a "Blessing Bag" pick-up location.  The Blessing Bags are filled with food, toiletries, clothing, inspirational items, information on Substance Use Disorder and resources available for those in need.  Blessing Bags may be picked up in The Bellevue Hospital's Emergency Department.


Educational Programs

The Bellevue Hospital's Substance Abuse Disorder Task Force also offers an informational presentation designed to educate community members and local civic groups.  The presentation covers local substance abuse statistics, the brain's chemistry of addiction, medically assisted treatments, stigma associated with substance abuse and how to respond to someone with a Substance Abuse Disorder. 

If you are interested in scheduling a presentation by The Bellevue Hospital's Substance Abuse Task Force for your next event or civic group meeting or would like more information on Blessing Bags or free Drug Kits, contact The Bellevue Hospital.


Contact Information
For more information please dial 419.483.4040 and the following extension. 

Addiction Services Department Ext. 4200


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