Patient Pricing

In compliance with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, this link provides a comprehensive list of charges for each inpatient and outpatient service or item provided by The Bellevue Hospital, also known as a chargemaster. The hospital's charges are the same for all patients, but a patient's responsibility may vary depending on payment plans negotiated with individual health insurers. Uninsured or underinsured patients should consult with our admitting and billing staff to determine whether they qualify for discounts. For more information on the chargemaster, please read the chargemaster FAQ link below. For more information about the cost of your care, please contact our Patient Financial Services staff via email.


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Pricing Estimator


The Bellevue Hospital is also providing a price list below containing our charges for room and board, emergency department, operating room, delivery, physical therapy and other procedures.  These prices are correct as of 01/01/2022 through 12/31/2022.  Your charges may vary dependent on what your physician requests. 


Room and Board - Per Day Charges

 Intensive Care  $2,445.00
 Routine Care  $1,278.00
 Birthing Room  $1,548.00
 Nursery  $978.00


Labor and Delivery Charges

The following list does not include charges for anesthesia, drugs or supplies required for a particular delivery room procedure.  Fees for physician services or anesthesia administration are also not reflected, and will be billed separately by your physician. 

 Normal Delivery Mom  $13,500.00 - $16,000.00  Average Cost
 Cesarean Section Delivery Mom  $24,000.00 - $25,500.00  Average Cost
 Normal Delivery Baby  $4,000.00 - $4,200.00  Average Cost
 Cesarean Section Delivery Baby  $4,150.00 - $4,300.00  Average Cost
 Fetal Monitor Non Stress  $455.00  
 Fetal Monitor Stress  $735.00  
 Fetal Monitor Labor  $487.00  


Emergency Department Charges

Emergency Department charges are based on the level of emergency care provided to our patients.  The levels, with level 1 representing basic emergency care, reflect the type of accommodations needed, the personnel resources, the intensity of care and the amount of time needed to provide treatment.  The following charges do not include fees for drugs, supplies, emergency room physician or additional ancillary procedures that may be required for a particular emergency treatment. 

 Level 1   $181.00
 Level 2  $251.00
 Level 3  $438.00
 Level 4  $756.00
 Level 5  $1,116.00
 Critical Care  $2,313.00


Operating Room Charges

Operating Room charges are based on the complexity level, with level 1 being the most basic, for a particular operation.  This time is charged per minute.  This price does not include anesthesiologist. 

   Charge Per Minute
 Special Procedure  $62.00
 Level 2   $87.00
 OR Time   $112.00
 OR Complex Case  $162.00


Physical Therapy Charges

The following charges reflect the most common services offered by our Physical Therapy department.  Patients may have additional charges, depending on the services performed. 

 Elec Stim Unattended   $222.00
 Exercise  $135.00
 Mannual Exercise  $122.00
 Neuro Muscular Re-education  $156.00
 Therapuetic Activity  $135.00
 Aquatic Therapy 15 minutes  $131.00
 Hot Cold Pack  $32.00


Occupational Therapy Charges

The following charges reflect the most common services offered by our Occupational Therapy Department.  Patients may have additional charges, depending on the services performed.

Therapeutic Activities  $135.00
 Paraffin Bath  $135.00
 Self Care / Home Mgt. 15 min.  $118.00
 Therapeutic Procedure   $135.00
 Ultrasound  $125.00


Pulmonary Therapy Charges

The following charges reflect the most common services offered by our Pulmonary Therapy Department.  Patients may have additional charges, depending on the services performed. 

 Blood Gas Draw  $288.00
 Hand Held Nebulizer  $426.00
 PEP Therapy  $185.00
 Vapotherm  $269.00
 Common Cannister  $426.00


X-Ray and Radiological Charges 

The following charges reflect the hospital's 30 most common x-ray and radiological procedures.  There is an additional cost for contrast material that is used for certain procedures.  The radiologist will bill separately for their services. 

   Charge  CPT
 CT Abdomen / Pelvis with Contrast  $3,564.00   Contrast will be charged separately
 CT Abdomen / Pelvis without Contrast  $3,047.00  
 CT C Spine without contrast  $2,059.00  
 CT Head without contrast  $2,252.00  
 CTA Chest with or without contrast  $2,456.00   Contrast will be charged separately 
 MRI L-Spine without Contrast  $4,594.00  
Nuclear Medicine Stress/Resting Multiple Studies  $5,745.00   Medication used will be billed separately
 Radiology Abd Flat Upright / PA Chest  $597.00  
 Radiology Ankle min 3 Views  $365.00  
 Radiology Bilat Mamm Screen with Tomography  $431.00  
 Radiology Chest 1 View  $190.00  
 Radiology Chest 2 Views  $386.00  
 Radiology Dexa Bone Density / Skeletal Bone Density  $402.00  
 Radiology Foot min 3 Views unilateral  $366.00  
 Radiology knee 4 or more Views unilateral  $392.00  
 Radiology KUB 1 View  $190.00  
 Radiology L Spine 2-3 Views  $263.00  
 Radiology L Spine min 4 Views  $612.00  
 Radiology Shoulder 2 or more Views   $468.00  
 Ultrasound Biophysical with Non Stress Test  $402.00  
 Ultrasound Carotid Arteries Bilateral  $1937.00  
 Ultrasound Cervical Length  $382.00  
 Ultrasound Gallbladder  $719.00  
 Ultrasound Growth  $329.00  
 Ultrasound Kidneys  $769.00  
 Ultrasound Pelvis  $939.00  
 Ultrasound Pelvis Transvaginal  $849.00  
 Ultrasound Pregnancy Anatomy Single  $382.00  
 Ultrasound Pregnancy Transvaginal  $382.00  
 Ultrasound Venous Doppler Unilateral  $663.00  


Laboratory Charges

 Antigen Sars Cov2/Covid Antigen  $71.00
 Blood Grouping ABO  $185.00
 BNP  $203.00
 CBC Auto Diff  $118.00
 CKMB  $292.00
 COVID-19 Amp PRB High Thruput Rapid  $288.00
 CPK  $100.00
 CRP  $137.00
 Culture Blood  $141.00
 Culture ID Aerobic  $181.00
 Culture Urine  $80.00
 Free T4  $169.00
 Glycochemoglobin/ A1C  $225.00
 HPV DNA Assay  $134.00
 Lactic Acid  $76.00
 Lipase   $112.00
 Lipid Profile  $188.00
 Liver Profile  $321.00
 Pap Test   $100.00
 Profile 14  $632.00
 Profile 8  $353.00
 Protime  $90.00
 PTT  $90.00
 RH D Type  $184.00
 Suscept MIC  $203.00
 T4  $169.00
 Troponin  $169.00
 TSH  $175.00
 Urinalysis C&S if indicated   $48.00
 Urinalysis micro  $23.00 



Consumers can access a number of government and private websites which provide additional information on hospitals' charges and quality. Here are two guides that may be helpful in understanding your medical bills:


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