TBH Nutritional Services Wins Gold Plate Award

The Bellevue Hospital’s (TBH) Nutritional Services Department has been awarded The 2018 Gold Plate Award for food safety practices. The award is administered through the Huron County General Health District. This is the sixth time TBH has received the award since 2012.

The Gold Plate Award is an acknowledgement given to food services that have excellent food safety practices. This award is given annually and is based on the facility’s performance from the previous year. It is a voluntary program.

“The staff is very, very happy. This is a big deal for them,” noted TBH Nutritional Services Leader Tracey Nason. “The staff receives extensive food service and safety training, and most of my staff has been trained in food safety through the Huron County Health Department as part of their certification process.”
Continued Nason, “I am extremely proud of my staff for all of their hard work and effort. It takes a lot of work each day to ensure food safety when you work in our field. This award is an excellent opportunity to show the community how important food safety is to us.”

The Gold Plate Awards are reserved for facilities that meet the following criteria:
• Have a valid FSO or RFE license 
• Send in an application 
• Receive a score of 90 or higher 
• Have not had any warning letters are administrative hearings in the past two years 
• Have not been responsible for a foodborne outbreak in the last two years. 

Each facility starts with a score of 100 and points are then deducted for critical and non-critical violations as reported by the Huron County General Health District.

Congratulations to our Nutritional Services Team!!