TBH Becomes Member of the Lipstick Alliance

The Bellevue Hospital recently joined the Lipstick Alliance™, a national movement that celebrates and elevates the cause of women's health. As a national movement of hospitals, The Lipstick Alliance™ creates better health, lifestyle, and beauty experiences for women of all backgrounds and ages. Lipstick is a bond that brings women together. Like the pink ribbon for breast cancer or the red dress for heart disease, lipstick will become an American icon of wellness for women in 2019 and beyond. The Bellevue Hospital is now the exclusive home of the Lipstick Alliance™ in northwest Ohio to celebrate the power of women to create healthier families in our community.

For an American hospital to be progressive in today’s era of prevention medicine and population health management, it needs to create and sustain meaningful conversations about health and wellness with women who make upwards of 85% of all household healthcare decisions. Hospitals are choosing to join the Lipstick Alliance™ of U.S. hospitals to talk to women about what is important to them and how to better help meet their health and beauty goals.

“The Bellevue Hospital chose the Lipstick Alliance™ to extend our reach to women where they live, work, and play. We want our brand of healthcare to be fresh, colorful, and easy to apply to their lives,” explained Michael K. Winthrop, President & CEO of The Bellevue Hospital. “We are proud to be the exclusive hospital in northwest Ohio for Lipstick Alliance.™ As our doctors, nurses, and staff are dedicated to women as the primary healthcare decision makers in their families, we look forward to collaborating with Lipstick Alliance™ to integrate a fresh approach for women and their health throughout The Bellevue Hospital and community.”

The Lipstick Alliance™ is a hospital’s opportunity to become the leading health resource for all women, bringing them together digitally and with community events for inspiration and motivation. 

"The Lipstick Alliance™ is unprecedented as a community health program that links women's wellness with beauty at U.S. hospitals," said Tanya Abreu, Executive Director of the Alliance. "We know that 81% of American women use lipstick daily so we want to use lipstick as an icon for women to take better care of themselves every single day! We want our slogan 'Good health. Apply daily!' to be a rally cry for better women’s health." 

The Lipstick Alliance™ is a community engagement program powered by WomenCertified Inc., home of the Women’s Choice Award®, a trusted referral source, empowering women to make smart healthcare choices by identifying the country’s best healthcare institutions.  Visit http://www.womenschoiceaward.com/ to learn more.