The department of Marketing plans, develops and implements various hospital marketing/public relations programs to create a positive awareness of the hospital, its staff, and services in the primary and secondary area the hospital serves.

The Marketing Department of The Bellevue Hospital is open from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. each weekday. However, because of special events and hospital & community activities, the department also has flexible hours of availability.

The department is reflective of the idea, goal and vision of The Bellevue Hospital. The department is The Bellevue Hospital. The hospital’s employees, executive and medical staff, board of directors, auxiliary and volunteers are also members of the marketing department.

“The Marketing Department represents the hospital and the caring part of health care.”

The department also forms the communication link between the services offered and the patients served. The department tells the who, what, when and where of the programs and events.

“Each member of The Bellevue Hospital’s family is responsible for listening and understanding what people are asking for or telling us, anything from a new service or a way to improve on what we are currently doing. Then, by working as a team, we can create and build better ways of offering the Best of Care -- It’s what our patients deserve and what we demand from ourselves.”

Marketing Department Policies:

  • The Marketing Department may be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by requesting contact through the hospital’s switchboard.
  • Contact the Marketing Department to arrange for all interviews.  Our department will assist you in your efforts.
  • The Marketing Department and The Bellevue Hospital protects the privacy of all of our patients.  All news media are to inform the hospital they are members of the media. 
  • All contact between the media and our patients, families,  and staff is to be coordinated through the Marketing Department.
  • Reporters, film crews and photographers will always been accompanied by a member of the Marketing Department while on site.
  • To be photographed or videotaped at The Bellevue Hospital, Patients, Guardians, Parents, and/or designees are to sign and Video, Film, Audio, Interviewing and Photograph Release Form prior to making the recordings.  The remains within the hospital's possession and is not used for any purpose until and unless consent is obtained.  If consent is not obtained, the recording/film is destroyed or the non-consenting patient must be removed from the recording/film.
  • The patient always has the right to refuse or request the cessation of recording or filming and is informed of his or her right.  The Bellevue Hospital accommodates the patient's right to rescind consent.
  • Patients have the right to rescind consent for use within 24 hours of recording/filming.
  • Anyone outside of a hospital employee taking film/recordings who is not already bound by the hospital's confidentiality policy, must sign a confidentiality statement to protect the patient's identity and confidential information prior to beginning the production of the recordings, films, or other images.
  • The Bellevue Hospital will only release whether or not a patient is on our hospital directory.