Babysitters Learn Responsibilities at TBH's Recent Class

A total of 23 local and area students have become better babysitters, the result of completing a “Babysitting Basics” all-day course at The Bellevue Hospital.

The participants met from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. on Monday, June 11 in the hospital’s Burson Conference Rooms. The class is for potential babysitters ages 11 and older.

The course introduced the future babysitters to the roles and responsibilities of the babysitter, including how to handle emergencies and illness, the basics of bathing, diapering, and feeding infants, playtime suggestions, and safety and nutrition.

Each student received a certificate of completion and a handbook. Lunch was also provided for the participants.

Members of the class included Dominic Brown, Aralyn Buchanan, Kaden Cramer, Allison Drumm, Lauren Fleming, Shayleigh Foreman, Eva Hancock, Ariana Holzhauer, Karly Humbert, Nevaeh Karl, Hannah Kearns, William Kiser, Kiara Mahon, Ashley Missig, Brie Price, Morgan Ray, Hayden Rex, Hailey Singleton, Carissa Snezek, Kimberly Wenninger, Austin Williams, Hannah Wohlgamuth, and Lydia Wright. 

The next Babysitting Basics course at The Bellevue Hospital will be held on February 18, 2019. For additional information on the class, contact the Centralized Scheduling Department at 419.483.4040, Ext. 3067.

Photo: (1st Row) Eva Hancock, William Kiser, Ariana Holzhauer, Hayden Rex, Allison Drumm, Ashley Missig, and Lydia Wright; (2nd Row) Austin Williams, Kaden Cramer, Kiara Mahon, Nevaeh Karl, Brie Price, Hailey Singleton, Lauren Fleming, and Morgan Ray; (3rd Row) Dominic Brown, Shayleigh Foreman, Carissa Snezek, Kimberly Wenninger, Hannah Kearns, Hannah Wohlgamuth, Karly Humbert, and Aralyn Buchanan.