9th Annual BUSF Community Raffle a Success

Winners were selected on Friday in the 9th Annual Bellevue United Selective Fund (BUSF) Community Raffle. Committee members randomly drew the winners from a barrel of tickets during the final BUSF reporting meeting held at The Bellevue Hospital (TBH).

The raffle raised over $4,100 for the BUSF. The raffle was organized by TBH’s Marketing Department and all of the prizes were donated by the businesses listed below.

The prize winners are:

3-Minute Shopping Spree to Hogues IGA, donated by Hogues IGA and The Bellevue Hospital – Dick Dundore, Bellevue.

2018 season pass for Green Hills and Woussickett Golf Courses, donated by The Crockett Family – Jan TerVeen, Bellevue.

Two “all access” passes to Bellevue High School athletic and cultural events donated by Bellevue City Schools – Marge Rector, Bellevue.

$300 in Chamber Checks donated by Croghan Colonial Bank – Jayne Swartz, Clyde.

Men’s Smart Watch, donated by Firelands Federal Credit Union – Brooke Higgenbottom, Amcor Plastics.

Women’s Smart Watch, donated by Firelands Federal Credit Union – Emily Freitag, Bellevue.

$20 a month in food credit, donated by East of Chicago Pizza – Mindy Singleton, Bellevue.

Six-inch sub sandwich a week for a year, donated by Subway – Jennifer Oney, Bellevue.

OSU Themed Gift Basket, donated by First National Bank – Megan Niedermier, Firelands Federal Credit Union.

Great Wolf Lodge Overnight Package, donated by Sandusky Great Wolf Lodge - Shannon Smith, Bellevue.

Two rooms of carpet cleaning and discounted flooring, donated by Stanley Steemer and North Coast Carpet & Flooring (two of these prizes) - Jim Pickering, Bellevue, and Emily Crum, Firelands Federal Credit Union.

Family Rec Center pass, Family pool pass for 2018 and Jungle Junction passes, donated by the Bellevue Rec Department (two sets of these prizes) - Hasselbach & Paul Agency, Bellevue, and Jeremy Doster, Bellevue.

Designer Sunglasses donated by Advanced Family Eyecare - Elizabeth Gast, Sandusky.

Pie a month for a year, donated by Copper Top Bake Shop - Karl Rogers.

Cleveland Indians Gift Basket, donated by the Bellevue Beverage Center - Chasity Baptista, Fremont.

$75 Best Buy Gift Card, donated by The Willows (two of these prizes) - Jerry Nailor, Bellevue, and Lavin Schwan, Clyde.

$100 Gift Certificate to Bellevue Meats, donated by International Metal Hose - Julie Weakland, Bellevue.

$100 total in gift cards to Bellevue restaurants, donated by Home Savings Bank - Jim Pickering, Bellevue.

$50 Bassett's Gift Card, donated by Bassett's - The Norman Family, Bellevue.

Four Oil Changes, t-shirt and hat, donated by Myers Automotive - Jayne Swartz, Clyde.

$50 Gift Card, donated by Bellevue Medicine Shoppe - Jenny Douglas, Amcor Plastics.

$50 Gift Card and t-shirt, donated by Bone Boys BBQ & Smokehouse - Cynthia Mason, Amcor Plastics.

The BUSF committee publicly thanked all of the sponsors for their generous donations to the 9th annual Community Raffle.