Insurance and Billing


Will you bill my primary or secondary insurance?

Yes.  You will need to provide us with complete primary and secondary insurance information.  As a courtesy to our patients, The Bellevue Hospital submits bills to your insurance company.  There may be times you will need to contact your insurance company and/or provide additional information in order to process your claim. 


Why is this billed as an outpatient service when I spent the night in the hospital?

Your status is determined by your admitting physician.  Sometimes "observations" is the appropriate status used, which is considered an outpatient visit.


Why did my insurance deny the claim?

The following may apply: 

  1. Your plan may not cover the service you received.
  2. You did not provide accurate insurance information at the time of your service.
  3. You were not covered by your plan at the time of your request.
  4. Additional information was requested from the insured before payment will be processed. 

Contact your insurance company to discuss your situation. 


Why did I receive a bill from both the hospital and the doctor?

Patient Financial Services bills for our facility claims only.  You may also receive a bill from a physician who treated you.  If you have questions, call the patient information number on your statement.


Why am I getting another bill when I already paid one?

The following may apply:

  1. The statement you received may have been mailed before the payment was received and posted to your account.  To verify your bill was paid, please call a customer service representative and provide your name and account number.  If payment was recently mailed, please allow 7-10 days for payment to reflect on your account.
  2. The statement you received may be for recurring services you receive at the hospital.  Please contact a customer service representative with any questions.


Is there help available for those without insurance? 

Financial counselors are available to advise you on the various assistance programs.  As well, they will review your financial status to determine your eligibility for Healthcare Assurance Plan (HCAP).  Under Ohio law, you may be eligible to receive basic, medically necessary hospital services without charge if you are an Ohio resident on General Assistance (GA), Disability Assistance (DA), or your income is at or below the current Federal Poverty Guidelines.  This program applies only to hospital services.  It does not apply to doctors' services.  If you think you qualify for this program, please contact our HCAP Financial Counselors.


Do you offer payment arrangements?

Yes, arrangements can be made to pay your bill.  Please contact a customer service representative to establish a payment plan by calling the number listed on your billing statement or by calling Patient Financial Services, option 2. 


Contact Information
For more information please dial 419.483.4040 and the following extension. 

Patient Financial Services Ext. 4288
Establish a payment plan Ext. 4288, option 2
HCAP Financial Counselors Ext. 4233 or 4888


Monday - Friday     8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.



Patient Financial Services