The Education Department at The Bellevue Hospital is dedicated to providing ongoing education and development to promote staff competency.  This encompasses technical proficiency, knowledge, interpersonal and professional skills throughout the organization and at all staff levels.  This is accomplished through:

  • Orientation of employees, students, contracted staff, Allied Health Professionals and agency staff 
  • In-service education on a variety of formats - live presentations, videos, computer based learning and newsletters
  • Core competencies
  • The Annual Learning Needs Assessment completed by staff members.  Education is planned and addressed focusing on these needs. 
  • Literature searches
  • Regulatory Compliance Education 
  • Resource for administration and directors for educational needs and competencies
  • Clinical information systems with assistance from the HITT department

The Education Director is responsible for the direct provision, development and coordination of the above activities. 

The Education Department's hours are 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Variations in hours may occur to accommodate various educational activities.  


Contact Information
For more information please dial 419.483.4040 and the following extension. 

Carrie Mason, MSN, RN - Clinical Educator Ext. 4530



Community Education (CPR, First Aid, Etc.)


Clinical Education (Free Contact Hours, Etc.)