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The primary goal of the Infection Control Program is to reduce the risk of acquiring and transmitting health-care associated infections. This will be accomplished through assessment of the overall program to ensure it is appropriate to the Bellevue Hospital’s demographics (geographics, volume of patient encounters, patient population served, clinical focus and number of employees) and use management systems to reduce the risk of health-care acquired infections and to promote wellness in the community.

This is accomplished through:

  • Surveillance activities will address issues of epidemiologic importance in the Hospital.

  • Preventing the transmission of epidemiologically significant infections from patients to staff.

  • Continued assessment of needle safety devices that are appropriate and effective

  • Continued assessment of proper adherence to Standard Precautions.

  • Control any potential infection outbreaks by utilizing sound epidemiologic principles, preparing for surge capacity in the event of pandemic influenza, conducting hospital-acquired infection investigation to ensure that the program is effective in protecting patients, healthcare workers, volunteers, visitors and others in the Hospital from acquisition of infection.

  • Chairs the Infection Control Committee

  • Establishes, follows and promotes infection control policy and procedures including isolation protocols.

  • Develops and initiates resources and education for patient and staff purposes. Consults outside resources as necessary and/or arranges for education for staff as needed through these resources.

  • Participates in regional/national organizational meetings.

  • Initiates and maintains plans in order for The Bellevue Hospital to be compliant with accrediting agencies and Center for Disease Control standards.

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