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The Bellevue Hospital is proud to offer “Quality Care, Close to Home,” and its Cancer Program, as part of our ongoing community commitment.

The Bellevue Hospital’s Cancer Program has been serving the community since the 1980s and has been an approved cancer hospital by the American College of Surgeons since 1986.  Treatment at a Commission on Cancer approved hospital assures patients are receiving care at an institution committed to quality.

The Cancer Program at The Bellevue Hospital holds monthly Cancer Conference meetings.  Physicians representing surgery, pathology, diagnostic radiology, radiation oncology and medical oncology are required to attend each conference.  Physicians discuss the diagnosis and treatment options available to cancer patients.

The Cancer Committee provides leadership for The Bellevue Hospital’s Cancer Program in a goal setting as well as planning, initiating, implementing, evaluating and improving all cancer-related activities.  The American Cancer Society works closely with the Cancer Committee in a joined commitment in addressing he needs of our patient population.

Representative from the American Cancer Society regularly attend the Cancer Committee meetings, providing valuable information about programs and resources available to the public.  

The Cancer Committee meets quarterly during the calendar year

(First row) Lori Adams, RHIT, CTR, Cancer Registry; James Fanning, M.D., Cancer Committee Chairman, Oncology; Mandi King, Wellness Coordinator;

(2nd  row) Dawn Bova, R.N., Coordinator, Cancer Conference; American Cancer Society Representative; Kim Stults, R.N., Department of Education; David West, M.D., Radiology; Khalid Siddiqui, M.D., Radiation Oncology, Jo Ann Ventura, Marketing; Larry Von Kuster, M.D., Pathology, Charles Valone, Jr., D.O., Community Outreach Coordinator, Internal Medicine; and Marianne Schoen, RHIT, CTR, Administration and Quality Management/Improvement

Not Pictured:  Melanie Grillis, D.O., Pathology; Marty Hohman, LSW, Social Services; Philip Hutchison, D.O., Cancer Liaison, General Surgery; and Brenda Mileto, RHIT, CTR, Cancer Registry.

Annual Cancer Report.
          2010 2009 | 2008

For additional information on our Cancer Program, call our Cancer Registry at 419-483-4040, Ext. 4636.

Cancer Web-site Links:

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