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Paperwork Now?
As one of our Pregnancy Partners...You Have Been Here and Done That. 

This is an exciting time for you - 

This is also a busy time, as there is so much to be done before your baby arrives. 

Knowing how busy you are and that you may have questions about your upcoming delivery, new baby and admission to our hospital, we offer you our Pregnancy Partners Program. 

When you are at least 36 weeks pregnant, call us and schedule your appointment. You will join us for about an hour, or longer if you like, in the relaxed atmosphere of our Family Birthing Center. 

During your appointment we will:

  • Complete your admission paperwork.

  • Go over educational material about your birthing process, and what to expect after your baby arrives.

  • Answer any of your questions.

  • Provide a tour of our Private Whirlpool Birthing Suites.

  • And complete your pre-admission testing if you are planning a Cesarean section.

The Bellevue Hospital’s Pregnancy Partners Program is a free service for our Mothers-to-be.
1400 West Main Street
Bellevue, OH 44811 

Call us!
Bellevue-419.483.4040 Ext. 4295
Fremont, Green Springs, Republic-419.639.2065


An innovative program in The Bellevue Hospital’s (TBH) Family Birthing Center (FBC) is really helping to “deliver” timely personalized information and childbirth education to expectant parents – including the answer to the most frequently asked question by new parents.

TBH’s Pregnancy Partners program began in 2004 and offers to help prepare moms and dads for the arrival of their little bundles of joy, with information about delivery, breastfeeding, care of the newborn, and even follow-up care for the new parents.

Perhaps one of the best benefits of the program is all of the admission paperwork is completed during the Pregnancy Partners appointment. “This step saves time and frustration later on when a mom goes into labor and the last thing she or her partner want to worry about is filling out forms,” said Cherri Wilson, RN, IBCLC, who helps coordinate the program with fellow employees Sue Felder, RNC, CLC, and Sue Sampsel, RN, CLC.

A Pregnancy Partners meeting is scheduled for sometime between the 32nd and 34th week of pregnancy and takes 90 minutes to two hours to complete. “We invite the mom and dad and/or the mom’s support person, who may be a friend, grandparent or family member to come in on a Tuesday or Thursday (by appointment) between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.,” added Wilson.

Other topics covered during Pregnancy Partners are the baby’s hearing and screening form, how to properly complete the official birth certificate, names of physicians currently taking new pediatric patients (if the family does not already have a physician), care for mom, care for the baby, post-surgical care (if applicable), hospital discharge procedures, sleep issues for mom and baby, breastfeeding and bottle feeding, and general questions and answers about the delivery process and postpartum care. A mom’s handbook, teaching folder and video are all sent home with the moms so that they can go over the material again in the comfort of their own home.

Pregnancy Partners appointments are generally arranged through the physician offices, but may also be made by phoning the FBC at 419-483-4040, Ext. 4295. Further information on the program can also be obtained by phoning that same number during regular business hours.
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